How It Works


Kindly Note: Best way to secure your viewing is to use the ‘Book For Viewing’  button just beneath the Officer assigned to the selected facility.  

In Searching for our listed apartment , you can easily use the Property Button at the top or the Property Officers Button at the bottom left of the home page. Also is the Search button on the homepage.


Your booking for viewing shall be confirmed by the assigned property officer via email and SMS alert, and a follow up phone call. Kindly note that we do not take any Viewing Fee or Agent Fee. 

However , all prospective tenants (registered users) shall bear the transport cost for our property officer regarding the property viewing and that must be paid directly to the officer. Alternatively, you can pick up the officer and return him / her after  viewing , if you are using your  own car, without making any payment to the officer.  But for booking that has an amount sited in the Booking , users will pay that amount as transport cost of the Property Officer.

All Service Fee you pay will be refunded to you upon finally renting the Apartment

For The Pay Monthly Option, Kindly note that  our monthly payment option is anchored on a 12-month pattern agreement and it for clients who meet our Fair Play Rent conditions stated below. This  support could be within  5%- 70% of the stated Rent.

(For More Info: 0500387770)

All our registered users (including premium users) qualify for the Pay Monthly option depending on whether they meet our Fair Play Rent conditions as outlined below;

  1. When the monthly carrying cost of your preferred home do not exceed thirty percent (30%) of your monthly household income.
  2. Works in a recognized and legally registered company in Ghana with an official appointment letter.
  3. Ready to sign a simple tri-party authorization letter to allow auto-deduction from salary. The undersigns for this letter includes you (tenant), employer of tenant and Sikadan Homes.

Nonetheless, if you fail to meet the above conditions , we will gather all efforts to meet you half way regarding your rent advance.

Make sure you are a sign up user before you subscribe for a Premium Status. Premium users shall enjoy the following exclsive benefits;

– 1.5 % discount on all rent advance transactions

– 0.5 % discount on all monthly rent transactions

– Alert on all preferences & Wishlist.